Bluebird Hill & Star Suite Together - Sleep up to 20

Indian Blanket Ranch

Bluebird Hill and Star Suite have everything needed for an adventurous and relaxing vacation! The beautiful free-form swimming pool with a waterfall will relax your stresses away. This property is on Blanket Creek, which is seasonal and great for wading and catching tadpoles.

This home is sitting on Indian Blanket Ranch, a 250 acre ranch, which has Bluebird Nestbox Nature Trails for bird watching, hiking, jogging, and mountain bikes. There are six benches spread out on the ranch for viewing wildlife and nature photography. The large deck upstairs is great for stargazing or bird watching. Relax in the hammock, hot tub, or pool, after a fulfilling day of hiking or cycling the trails.

It is located 10 miles west of Utopia, Texas and five minutes east of Garner State Park and the Frio River. This property is close enough for tubing and river fun, yet far enough away for privacy.

We provide a NEMA 14-50 Outlet in the vicinity of the driveway for EV charging. The plug is conveniently located within range of a standard Tesla mobile charger cord but can be used with any electric vehicle cord that has compatibility for this outlet. Bring your cord.

Calendar Book Now
  • Fall / Winter / Spring - 2 Night Minimum
    $450 for first 4 people, per night

    Winter Holidays / Spring Break / Easter - 3 Night Min.
    $500 for first 4 people, per night

    Summer- Memorial Weekend thru Labor Day - 4 Night Min.
    $500 for first 4 people, per night
    $10 each extra person per night; children 1 yr & under Free

  • $500 refundable deposit to hold your reservation
    Less than 10 people, Deposit deducted from Balance Due
    10 ppl or more; deposit refunded after stay (if no problems)

    Pet Fee: $10 per dog/night
    Deposit refunded after stay (if no damages or extra cleaning)
    Please view the Pet Policies below.

  • Summer / Holidays / Spring Break
    Whole House Rents Together

  • Fall / Winter / Spring (Excludes Holidays, Spring Break, Summer)
    Rent Bluebird Hill Or Star Suite Separate

Guest Comments

  • This will be our third year to stay here for the kids birthdays and we absolutely love it!! The privacy, nature and relaxation is amazing!! My husband and I usually break away twice a year just to get a refresher on our crazy lives and I bet it is beautiful there in the fall.
    Gainer Family - Fredonia, Texas [June each year]

Additional Details and Information

  • Visit Bluebird Hill or Star Suite to see particulars for each.

  • • Maximum of 2 dogs allowed, weighing 50 lbs or less each
    • Only well behaved, house-trained; Won’t chew on furniture, rugs or scratch floors, walls, doors
    • Dogs allowed Inside Only in their kennel/cage
    • Don’t allow them on furniture or beds
    • Only leashed or tied when outside
    • Pickup & throw away poop
    • Do not allow dogs to dig in yard or flower beds
    • Dog owner responsible for dog’s safety, and for any damages to lodging property
    • Do not allow your dogs to bark excessively, run free or chase other animals
    • Please pick up most of the dog hair
    • $10 per night per dog (covers normal pet hair clean up, spraying inside for fleas & ticks)
    • Your deposit will be kept throughout your stay. If no damages or extra cleaning is needed, we will refund your entire deposit to your account.
    *Please let us know if you will be bringing your dog.

  • Map to Office

    **Please Note** The cell towers here are AT&T, so only AT&T cell phones work here. Even then, cell service can be spotty driving through the hills. Hideaway has a house phone, so please provide that to your family or friends for emergency. Bring a calling card to make long distance calls from the house phone.

Bluebird Hill - Click an image to see a larger version

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  • bluebird_hill_2557_58_59_60_61
  • bluebonnets_001
  • bluebonnets_002
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  • bluebird_hill_2562_3_4_5_6
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  • bluebird_hill_2592_3_4_5_6
  • bluebird_hill_2597_598_599_600_601
  • bluebird_hill_125812
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  • bluebird_hill_2602_3_4_5_6
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  • bluebird_hill_oct_wedding
  • bluebird_hill_oct_yard_wedding

Star Suite - Click an image to see a larger version

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  • star_suite_2442_3_4_5_6
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  • star_suite_2452_3_4_5_6
  • star_suite_2457_58_59_60_61
  • star_suite_2462_3_4_5_6
  • star_suite_2467_68_69_70_71
  • star_suite_2472_3_4_5_6
  • star_suite_2482_3_4_5_6

Grounds, Pool etc. - Click an image to see a larger version

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  • bluebird_star_2247_48_49_50_51
  • bluebird_star_2252_3_4_5_6
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  • bluebird_star_2262_3_4_5_6
  • bluebird_star_2267_68_69_70_71
  • bluebird_star_2272_3_4_5_6
  • bluebird_star_2277_78_79_80_81
  • bluebird_star_2282_3_4_5_6
  • bluebird_star_2287_88_89_90_91
  • bluebird_star_2292_3_4_5_6
  • bluebird_star_2297_298_299_300_301
  • bluebird_star_2302_3_4_5_6
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  • bluebird_star_2317_18_19_20_21
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  • bluebird_star_2327_28_29_30_31
  • bluebird_star_2337_38_39_40_41
  • bluebird_star_2367_68_69_70_71

Park at back gate here to plug Electric car cord in to plug. - Click an image to see a larger version

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  • tesla_3450